Main Goal

The main goal of the WAFERS workshop is to discuss novel dependability assessment approaches for complex CPSs and to promote their adoption in real-world systems through industrial and academic research. The aim of the WAFERS workshop is to promote and foster discussion on novel ideas, constituting a forum where researchers can share both real problems and innovative solutions for the assessment of complex systems.

Topics of the Workshop

The workshop aims at discussing current state of the art, emerging challenges and trends, as well as novel solutions for cyber-physical and critical systems validation. Workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

Submission Guidelines

The workshop will consider the following kinds of submissions:

Submissions must be written in English, following the IEEE two-column format for conference proceedings. The category of the paper should be clearly marked on the first page at the time of initial submission, but should be removed from the camera ready version. Authors are requested to first register their submissions and then submit their manuscripts in PDF format at the JEMS webpage. JEMS limits to a maximum of 8 authors per paper. More than 8 authors is allowed, but must be indicated to the TPC chairs after acceptance notification. Accepted papers, in all categories, shall be presented by the authors at the event, and will be published in the IEEE proceedings.

For Accepted Papers

Accepted papers must upload a video of the presentation before the workshop. LADC 2021 (including WAFERS) will use a redundant online model, with presentations being recorded as videos and uploaded in advance, and the authors attending a scheduled session in which the video will be played through a video conferencing system, with authors synchronously answering questions from the audience. Each work will also be assigned a chat room, where the video will be posted in advance, so the audience can also asynchronously interact with authors.

Videos must be uploaded to any repository (e.g. unlinked YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive) from which the organization will be able to download them without any authentication procedures. The link must be submitted via the SBC's submission system (JEMS) before November 12, 2021. The videos will be played according to the Program. All papers must be presented in English. Full papers' videos must not exceed 15 minutes. They will be presented in 20 minutes slots, with 5 minutes for discussions. Before preparing your video, please check a tutorial like this to ensure its quality.

Important Dates

Paper Submission: September 5th September 15th September 19th, 2021
Notification: September 24th September 30th October 2nd, 2021
Camera Ready: October 5th October 12th, 2021
Presentation Video: November 12th, 2021